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The significance of buying or selling a home cannot be understated. From simple to complex property transactions, none are the same and each deserves an individualized approach.  Relying on an experienced real estate attorney to guide you to closing, free and clear of liability, is worth the minimal investment to secure your interests.

We guide you through the process, from contract to closing.

Contract Drafting

Iron-tight contracts to protect
Our client’s interests.

Resolving Contract Issues

Anticipating and resolving issues to that may arise from contract contingencies.


Managing the closing process to ensure every transaction Settles with zero liability to our clients.

Why Choose Us



Experienced in Real Estate Transactions, ranging from simple to complex issues.



Free Consultation and a Transparent Flat Fee- No hidden charges.

Individualized Approach


Customer service that is unique and personal to your individual needs.



Reduced fees for military, individuals over 60 years old and first responders.



Honesty and Integrity are of utmost importance. You will be advised at all stages of the transaction.

What our clients are saying

Frequently Asked Questions…

1. Why do I need a lawyer to represent me when I am buying or selling a home?

While in New Jersey, having a lawyer is not required, it is highly encouraged. In a nutshell, a lawyer is best able to protect your interests and get you to the finish line. A lawyer has the expertise and training to review and negotiate contracts, in addition to anticipating any issues that may arise.

2. How much does it cost for a lawyer to represent me during the buying or selling of a home?

While the average cost for legal services in a residential real estate transaction can range from $100-$350 an hour, we charge a flat fee which covers legal representation from contract to closing.  There are no hidden fees.

3. If I choose an attorney, at what point do I need one?

Whether you’ve decided you want an attorney or your state requires it, there are a few different points during the home buying process where they can come in and provide assistance. This can include drafting and finalizing purchase contracts, writing amendments to the contract, completing a title search or conducting the closing.

From Contract to Closing, we will protect your interests.